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Cognifyx Tele-Brains Service

our mission

Our Mission

The Cognifyx Tele-Brains service is a multi-faceted mental health platform
bringing together specialists from different domains into one easy to access portal for your benefit and convenience to meet the growing demands and needs of online consultation services such as counselling and therapy services for a diverse range of clients


of working Singaporeans reported feeling stress.


of Singaporeans classified their sleep as “somewhat well” or “not well at all”.


of Singaporeans do not get enough physical activity.

The Problem:

Individuals experiencing difficulties often feel trapped without an avenue to seek help. They often feel their issue is too small to seek professional help. It may also be challenging for some to visit a therapist in person and the perceived stigma attached to being seen in a Psychologist’s office may be a deterrent. These difficulties if left unaddressed, will build up and negatively impact not only on your mental but also your physical and emotional health.

The Solution:

Our Tele-Brains platform aims to provide clients with an online one-to-one consultation / counselling / therapy / support via a secure platform. Clients have access to psychologists, neurologist’s, allied health professionals (including psychotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses) and supports psychologists. Each online session can last from half an hour to an hour and a half depending on the needs of the individual. It only takes about a minute to schedule a session.

Convenience Accessibility

Convenience / Accessibility

Chat with your therapist at your own convenience. You can have your sessions from your home or office, saving valuable time.

Confidential Support

Confidential Support

Clients range their sessions directly with their therapists. All information shared is confidential.

Multidomain Intervention

Multidomain Intervention

Connect to the psychologist behavioural therapist, nutritionist, psycho-therapist how to sport scientist all on one platform.

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Hoe do I get started?

Simply go to and click “Book an appointment” at the top right of the page.

What are the cost involved?

Cost varies depending on the type of service and duration. You will be informed of all costs upfront before the confirmation of your appointment.

What information will be required?

When making an appointment, you are only required to fill in your name, email address and contact number should we need to contact you.

Do I need any special hardware or tools?

You only need a laptop or computer with a webcam and microphone. Earphones are highly recommended.

How do I know my data is private and confidential?

You data is protected in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).