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Our instinctual response in a crisis

The human brain is hardwired to react in a certain way. The emotional and cognitive systems in our brain analyse and interpret behaviour. When faced with uncertainty and stress, our emotional centres take over, this results in panic and groupthink behaviour. We also traditionally call this fight-or-flight behaviour. This is driven by our need for protection, safety and survival.


In times of crisis and stress, we can protect ourselves as well as care for and support others around us, these are some ways we can achieve this :


1. Understanding that we are all struggling with fear

Different people will react differently to stress and fear. Acknowledging and validating these fears is advantageous in managing our anxieties. Sharing information and resources will unite our community.


2. Appreciate each other’s stress.

Be honest about your discomfort and anxiety during this crisis. Be respectful to escalating anxiety in your friends and family. Respect their wishes if they do not wish to engage in this topic.


3. Validate your source of information.

You will inevitably be bombarded with various pieces of information on the virus situation. Choose to read and be informed by dedicated sources of information such as and Take precautions around sharing inaccurate data.


Cognifyx’s clinical psychology team is available to support and help you during this trying time.


We are focused on protecting your mental health and emotional well-being to combat this crisis together, as a resilient community.


Reach out to us at any time!


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