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Accompanying you on a journey towards healing, self-discovery, personal growth and wellbeing through psychotherapy, counselling and individualised assessment.

We provide psychotherapy, counselling and individualised assessments for a range of psychological difficulties such as anxiety, stress, depression, interpersonal problems, cognition and memory problems, as well as lifestyle management and support.

Our team consists of registered clinical and/or educational psychologists, who not only have the professional qualifications and experiences, but also a warm personality and demeanour with a passion for making a difference in people’s lives. Our psychologists are fully registered with the Singapore Register of Psychologists. Our associate psychologists provide support to our psychologists.

At Cognifyx Psychology Clinic, we believe in the importance of developing and maintaining a strong therapeutic alliance with every individual, as well as valuing warmth and empathy in the journey with clients. We also believe that every individual has the potential to live a meaningful and productive life through the appreciation of his or her unique strengths and actualizing potentials.

Every session provides you with a safe, private and confidential place to express and explore your experiences, feelings and thoughts. However, every session is also different because every individual is different, so is every individual’s difficulty or problem. We would encourage you to take the first step towards resolving, rather than avoiding, their difficulties. Psychological issues and/or problems if left unaddressed or unresolved, will usually accumulate and come back in some other ways such as having unsatisfying interpersonal relationships.

Sharing personal information is also often difficult and it may take a few sessions to arrive at a level of trust with your therapist. Notwithstanding, being open and truthful with your therapist is essential so you can get the best out of the sessions. Psychotherapy and counselling are not magical cures, but a process and journey to help you find the capacity for positive change and personal growth within yourself.